Automotive, Boat, Airplane, Motorcycle, & RV Detailing

Specializing in Thorough Detailing, Paint Correction and Restoration of Exotics, Hot Rods, and High End Vehicles

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Auto, Truck, and SUV Detailing
From $50

Motorcycle Detailing
From $65

Airplane Detailing
From $65

RV and Boat Detailing
From $65

Paint Protection Coatings

Protect your vehicle's paint with an advanced polymer coating!

From $100

Multiple-Stage Paint Correction

Remove scratches, swirls, and imperfections to bring your paint or gelcoat to its highest potential.

From $75/hour

Custom Builds, Restoration, Pre-Sale, and Auction Prep

Custom car and truck building and restoration, kit cars, pre-sale and auction prep for used and speciality vehicles.

From $75/hour


Take Care of Your Investment!

Whether you just need a quick touch up cleaning or a full-blown bumper-to-bumper deep detail, we've got you covered. You've invested a lot of money into your vehicle, and just like having its oil changed, your vehicle's appearance needs preventative maintenance. Let us help you, call D.A.D. today!

In addition to top-notch detailing, paint correction, restoration, and auction preparation for exotics, hot rods, and high end custom vehicles is our speciality. We have extensive knowledge and experience to help take care of your investment properly.


Now Offering Protective Polymer Coatings!

We are now offering protective coatings for our customers vehicles. This will help you get a good shine on your car that will last up to two years, all while protecting the paint!

Here in Montana, we have long Winters and not a lot of "clean vehicle" time. These coatings will help your vehicle look cleaner longer, get clean faster, protect your paint from the harsh Winter, and help it hold its value!

Available for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Boats, Motorcycles, and More!

This is an especially important step if you have a new or newer vehicle, so call us today to discuss your options!

Starting at $200*!

Keep That Paint Protected and Shining!

Pickup and Delivery is Also Available

If you have a classic or high end vehicle that doesn't see the road much, and you'd like to have paint correction work done, we can even trailer your vehicle to our shop!

To learn more about service options, please visit our automotive detailing or RV, plane, motorcycle, and boat detailing page. There are some great "before and after" pictures of some of our projects on the photos page.

We'd love to work with you, please contact us to discuss your project.

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*Plus any paint correction/scratch removal required.